Justin Lee On August 31, 2010 at 2:36 pm

Major Nelson has posted on his blog video of the new cool Xbox 360 controller with a “transforming D-Pad”. How does it transform? Well, it just simply raises and lowers the base that is below the d-pad. In short, you can turn it into a real D-pad with no concave circle under it. Microsoft also has removed the colour codes from the buttons, so if you are a newbie gamer…this pad won’t be for you as some games refer to the colour codes on screen. The oddly mixed “mono” video will better show this off so check it out:

The controller will be out November 9th in United States (mostly Canada too) for $64.99 and will only be available with the Plug and Charge kit. European gamers will get their hands on it in February 2011.

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