Justin Lee On September 15, 2010 at 1:59 pm

It appears that if you are only using “flash memory” or the new 4 Gig Xbox 360 console that Halo Reach will NOT go online in certain modes. If you try Campaign online for example and you do not have a hard drive attached to your 360, you get a “One or more players do not have the hard drive required for this game type.” error.

Seems a little silly that even the 4 gig Xbox 360 console doesn’t work because it is “flash memory” and not a “real hard drive”. So be weary if you don’t have a “real hard drive” in your Xbox 360 and wish to play Halo Reach online. We’ve asked for a comment from Microsoft and will update this story when we have some answers. Some people in the bungie forums have posted that there is a bug fix on the way, but we haven’t gotten any official word yet from Bungie.

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