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With so many party games out on the Wii, you would think twice about adding Wii Party to your collection of games. However, in this case Nintendo has created quite a unique and fresh party game that might make you just try it out and get hooked like we did in the office! We review Wii Party for the Nintendo Wii and what a party it is.

To start off, Wii Party is packed with over 80 mini games for you to play. There are multiple options to play all 80 games. You can just do a quick play where you can pick and choose any of the 80 games to try out with up to 4 players or play a boardgame similar to Mario Party with your Mii’s.

There is a unique “couples” mode where couples can play mini games together, definitely great for date night to play some co-op mini games together without having to play against your date. Without spoiling too much, one unique game is a fruit sorter where fruit falls from the sky and you must tilt your Wiimote to put it in the correct box. Sometimes the fruit is on the 2nd player and that player must “pass” it to the first one.

There are so many mini games to try out, some involve running a course where sheep are blocking your way and you need to push your way to the finish line first. Another one where 4 Mii’s are rolling along a rail road track and you must “choose” a track, one out of the 3 tracks is a dead end. Passing the bomb is a blast (ha!), where you slowly pass a Wiimote around and if you shake too much, the bomb blows and you lose.

While some of these games might not tickle your fancy, there are some new ones where it involves the speaker of the Wiimote. You hide all 4 Wiimote’s around the room and every 10 seconds it plays a sound, the 3 remaining players must find the Wiimotes. Another one involves lining them up, an animal sound plays through one of the remotes and you must grab the correct one.

The board game takes about 40 minutes to complete and the game keeps it pretty level by ensuring there are plenty of negative spaces and other ways to block you. While you can play this single player, it is much more fun to shout bounce around the room with your friends instead of computer controlled AI players. Some mini games are so short that if you are passing the Wii motes around to more than 4 players, it’s kind of not fair as some games are barely 3 seconds long.

While you might be hesitant to “add another party game” to your game collection, Wii Party is unique enough that you will have a blast when your friends come over or if you have a party and need something that anyone can play.


Most of the mini games are easy to pickup and are very fun. You’ll have quite a few favorite mini games that you will want play more than once.


Looks like just like any other game that features Mii, gets the job done.


A bunch of strange sounds in some of these mini games, the music is good and doesn’t distract you from the fun of the mini game.


A fun game to add to your collection of party games. You’ll be playing this one more than Mario Party 8.

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