Demitrius Berkley-Thomas On June 22, 2011 at 10:37 am

Din's Curse Demon War Expansion screenshot 14Din’s Curse: Demon War is the expansion to Soldak’s latest game Din’s Curse that was released last year. You’re still a mortal cursed by Din, the champion of the gods, to live a second life in service to helping out mankind since you lived your first life selfishly. Now though the demons of Aleria are upset because they’re being attacked by the undead and they blame humans. This expansion brings a new class, new enemies, new quests and environments.

One of the biggest additions to the game is a whole new class, Demon Hunter, which is like a combination of a warrior and warlock. Demon Hunters can deal serious damage, area damage, they can tank, cast spells, take control of demons and even turn into a demon. It is a cool new unique class that isn’t too powerful and unbalances the game. Along with the class it comes with 3 new specialties, like talent trees in other RPGs, bringing the total number of possible class combinations in the game up to 196.
In addition to the new class they’ve also added a lot of new advanced options for characters and world modifiers. There are some really cool new advanced character options that were added to the game, one for example is the option Only Hope which means if a player dies then their town is lost and they must start over again in a new town. Prima Donna characters will only use the best equipment such as elite, artifact and legendary items and the Poverty option has characters find less money and items. These character options can be check marked so any combination of the 13 options you could imagine can be active at one time. There are also new advanced options for the world you character plays in that changes things from the world’s size to its and the NPCs pacing. There are also options that make monsters more dangerous but less in numbers and vice versa.

There are a ton of changes to the NPCs, Non-Playable Characters, in the Demon War expansion. First off you’ll notice that NPCs have a happiness rating next to the interaction options and below that will be how much money they have. If NPCs are unhappy then they could end up fighting with each other until one of them is dead. The amount of money an NPC has can have an effect on their happiness but also if they’re in debt then they could starve and die so normally you’ll get a quest notice for that person to either donate money or food to them. NPCs will also venture off and try to complete quests or do missions themselves in the dungeons and sometimes they’ll succeed in just doing it for themselves or you’ll have to save them before they fail miserably and die.

Demon War adds a lot more content to an already pretty impressive and unique game. There’s even more interactions with the NPCs in world around them, adding even more to the dynamic aspect of each town in the game. There are even more options for creating your character including another class with 3 specialties and a plethora of character and world advanced options. The new enemies and environments are just icing on the cake and you can really tell the people at Soldak are still putting in a lot of time and effort into their game. If you have the original Din’s Curse then this expansion is a must buy and if you haven’t tried it out yet but are interested I would recommend trying out the demo for sure.


Combat is still decent with the abilities and class combinations keeping it interesting. The new class, monsters, environments, vast array of advanced options and new interactivity with NPCs though are definitely a good improvement on the gameplay.


They still look dated but it looks like they might’ve updated a couple things here and there.


It seems like they’ve fixed some of the sound issues that bugged me before with the original release of the game but everything is still pretty basic.


This expansion just takes the new and cool ideas from the original game and expands on them giving the player even more options and replayability.

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