Justin Lee On June 19, 2011 at 9:24 am

Rhythm Heaven (Wii)E3 Fact Sheet for Rhythm Heaven
Short Version: Rhythm Heaven, released for DS in 2008 (see Fact Sheet), is now coming to the Wii.

Full details after the jump.

Platform: Wii
Genre: Rhythm
Players: TBA
Rating: RP (Rating Pending)
Release: TBA
Developer: Nintendo and TNX
URL: http://e3.nintendo.com
Suggested Retail Price: TBA

Feel the Beat and Get into the Rhythm

Rhythm Heaven™ is a game that both teaches and tests rhythm with fun and quirky music challenges. Through various visual and audio cues, players feel the rhythm and complete musical patterns on the fly.


  • Players must tap either the A Button or both A and B Buttons together on their Wii Remote™ controllers in time to the music to pass each challenge. The fun and challenge of the game come from feeling the rhythm and hitting the beats accurately.
  • All the games are new to this edition, though people who have played the Nintendo DS™ version might recognize familiar characters.
  • In different games, players might be asked to stab a rolling pea with a fork, become a samurai and slash demons or play a game of aerial badminton – all in time to the music.
  • As players become more proficient they can earn a medal for their accurate performances and unlock bonus content.
  • Much of the music was created by famous Japanese pop music producer TSUNKU♂.


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