Justin Lee On December 15, 2011 at 3:53 pm

Today, Ubisoft announced the release of a new video “Powered by Players”, that highlights some of the stunning creations that the TrackMania2 Canyon community has made in the first three months since the games release.

TrackMania2 Canyon, which released on September 14, 2011, builds upon the successes of the prequel with updated graphics, realistic racing features and an expanded network infrastructure, while still maintaining the intuitive gameplay, captivating racing modes and familiar community instruments that made the series so unique.

In the first three months alone, the TrackMania2 community have created more than 10,000 tracks using the tools provided by ManaPlanet. Some further information from the same period of racing include:

• 420 – The combined total of kilometres (in millions) raced so far
• 431 – The height (in metres) of the highest jump made by a player
• 300 – The amount of customised cars created
• 221 – The combined total of worldwide playing time in years
• 92 – The number of countries that have joined the race


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