Celeste Dobropolski On October 8, 2012 at 4:05 pm

Harry Potter. Twilight. Teen Wolf. Supernatural. True Blood. Being Human. These are but a sampling of the current television show and movie franchises that have captured the attention of current audiences. The mystical and horrifying have enchanted people for ages, and now players of The Sims 3 have a chance at controlling some of their favorite imaginary beings. The latest Sims 3 expansion, Supernatural, was released by EA for the price tag of $40. While fitting within the confines of the original game, this adaptation manages to feature a bevy of game changing content.

All of the titles I mentioned previously and more are alluded to within this game. Vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches, and ghosts are all available for character creation in the game. An additional expansion purchase of The Sims 3 Showtime is required to unlock genie characters. Character development and progression within the confines of each species adds an extra challenge for players that might be task oriented rather than focused on constant customization. Tweaking appearances does get better with this expansion, though. The clothing included is some of the most stylish seen yet in the game, and the Victorian/Gothic style is still appropriate for the niche it fills. New hairstyle and trait options exist, as well. Supernatural skeptic and night owl were a couple of my favorite trait additions, but there is also brooding, supernatural fan, and proper. There are some impressive items for decorating homes, as well, though seemingly not as many as with some of the other expansions. That’s probably due to the emphasis on new methods of gameplay, such as collecting, hunting, and creating elixirs.

Magic and supernatural powers are not unlimited. Players will need to learn when to use their skills most effectively. Each species also has weaknesses to create more of a challenge. Vampires don’t burst into flames when exposed to sunlight, but they don’t sparkle, either. Leave your vamp Sim in the sun for too long, and he or she will experience major penalties to mood and vampire powers. You also need to remember to keep your vampire hydrated with plasma or Sim blood. Fairies and witches have limited amounts of magic that can be monitored. Witches can use magic and also get discounts for making elixirs. Werewolves have a special boost to their gathering, which is how collections are filled. In collecting, there are minerals, animals, and plants that must be fetched in order to produce different items. This mimics the well-founded gathering systems found within MMORPGs. Collections are relatively small, but completing them does bolster gameplay value.

Fairies can use their magic to either help or trick other Sims. Witches have a Similar choice, as they can use their magic for good or evil, as seen in their ability to turn Sims into zombies or cast charms. Werewolves and vampires can also set their lifetime goals to hunting down and turning other Sims. The new job of Alchemist has been added, which allows players to register as self-employed to utilize their collecting and alchemy skills. Fortune teller is the new career, allowing you to choose to become a valid psychic. If you prefer, you can just scam people as a celebrity psychic, as well. Other cool additions include your very own live-in skeleton maid minion, if you’re able to come up with the Simoleons. Fast travel is available using the LLAMA transporting boxes, which vaguely resemble something a doctor might use. There are various interesting businesses within the new town, fittingly named Moonlight Falls. The moon has a vital role in your town, causing strange things to happening during the full moon. You can expect to see many zombie attacks and cemetery hauntings on these nights.

Not everything in the game is for fans of horror, however. The fairy and witch content allow for a lighter, less frightening approach to magic. Witches, who of course travel by broom, can attend a magic school and learn a sport that utilizes their brooms. Fairies can use their auras to influence other Sims and help them find their inner beauty. There are so many things that can appeal to many different fantasy and horror lovers within this game, it’s really hard to go into them all. That said, Sims 3 offers a lot of gameplay time and new features that help justify the price tag.


A new town and different play modes to explore provide a hefty chunk of entertainment.


Graphics are standard Sims 3 graphics, which sort of fall into the guidelines of “as good as you can make them,” thanks to free modding and appearance changes.


Dark Wave genre of music has been added to the already excellent library of sounds and music from the game.


I can really only recommend this to fans of the supernatural, as the expansion completely alters the game dynamics. If that’s you, then plenty of new modes and customizations make this expansion well worth the extra dough.


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  1. Samella says:

    Seems a little pricey to just add “Supernatural” to the Sims 3, but over all seems like fun. Great review!