Justin Lee On December 12, 2012 at 1:57 pm

Scribblenauts Unlimited ScreenshotWhen the first Scribblenauts game was shown off at E3 2009, it really got me excited about this new game where I could type out words to solve puzzles. Then there was Super Scribblenauts where I could use adjectives and the world of puzzle solving reached a whole new height. With Super Scribblenauts as a Wii U launch title, it sets the bar high…really high!

This is a natural title to be on the Wii U console, with its Gamepad and built in touch screen; you can easily tap out words and drag them to the on screen characters with ease. I wish the game would allow you to write out the letters in uppercase letters, but alas you have to tap a virtual keyboard for the words. A nice Wii U feature is the Object Editor, you can now take any object and tweak it to your liking. After creating your awesome new “object” and giving it a name, you can use it within the game and even share it with friends and strangers to use in their Scribblenauts Unlimited Wii U game. Want to make a fire breathing zombie, no problem in this game. On the online store, there are already lots of creations to download and use, a very cool way to expand the game without buying any add-ons!

Scribblenauts Unlimited has also expanded with a story in the game, watching the intro cut scene explains how the hero of the game Maxwell needs to set out on a mission to save his sister who has been cursed. By using his magical notebook (aka your Wii U gamepad), Maxwell will help out as many people as he can so he can cure her of this curse that is turning her into a giant rock statue. Once you’ve cleared a level and helped out everyone you can, you’ll get “Starite” to help break the curse on your sister.

This game, like many others can be played on the Gamepad exclusively within the 30 feet limit of the console. So if someone needs to use the TV, no problem at all to change inputs on the TV and play on the Gamepad alone.

The puzzles are quite varied a bit in this game, from helping people in a hospital to levels that send you off to Egypt. Of course if you’ve been following the development of Scribblenauts Unlimited, you’ll see that there is also a Mario level and a Zelda level where you can conjure up power ups to help them out as well. Each person in the level can give you clues as to what they need, just tap on them and you’ll get a hint as to their problem and what object you need to create for them.

Graphics in Scribblenauts Unlimited on the Wii U are amazing, they are very detailed and seeing it on a large HDTV is quite impressive, the music is very good and so are the puzzles. Some puzzles might get you frustrated; trying to figure out exactly what object is needed to clear that level. This is where the TV comes in handy where you can turn this game into a multiplayer experience. Have a few friends sit around and see if they can come up with the noun or adjective to solve the puzzle, it’s a blast! There is also the ability to use a Wii mote to take over any spawned character on the screen, you can’t solve any puzzles but if you spawned some giant robot it’s fun to run around the screen just for the heck of it.

Over all Scribblenauts Unlimited is a great addition to the franchise, and if you are itching to find a puzzle game to use with your newly bought Wii U console, this is it.


Each level is unique with the puzzles and layout. The only thing is sometimes you just don’t know what the person needs to solve the puzzle and this can be frustrating. Other times, you create an object that isn’t even remotely close to the answer and it will let you pass anyways.


Clean crisp and colourful graphics give the game a nice cartoony look to it.


Music keeps you entertained, not many sound effects but it gets the job done.


5th Cell has done it again! Easy to get into and highly addictive, wish the game was a little longer, but the object editor is a blast to play with.


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