Eric Kelly On December 30, 2013 at 11:57 am

the walking dead season 2 logoThe Walking Dead Season One released back in 2012 and by the time it had finished its season, the game had managed to earn many awards and praise. The game was an episodic visual novel story in the vein of Heavy Rain. Season Two continues this tradition, and things are still looking promising for the quality of the narrative.

Season Two takes place only a few months after the conclusion of the first season. But after an incident occurs, there is a 16 month time-skip. You continue following the story as Clementine, and players will get to see the results of the growing up well before her time has done to the young girl. She is definitely older in both looks and mind, doing things that in the past would have paralyzed her with fear. She has also been stripped away of much of her innocence. And she will need it, because aside from the Walker plague, she now lives in a world where the survivors can’t usually be trusted.

The gameplay is pretty much the same from the first season, and the Quick Time Event prompts have been slightly redesigned to be easier to see. There also seems to be less spots in the game where you can get a Game Over, making for an overall better story flow. The voice acting is still great and so is the writing. In fact it’s much improved from Season One. The graphics also look better, but it’s not as big of an improvement from Telltale’s other recent project, The Wolf Among Us. It doesn’t use as much shading, as it seems that they wanted to keep a consistent art style, so it feels like more of an artistic choice.

The game also takes you Season One and 400 Days DLC save files into account. And while Episode 1 did not show players how this will affect the rest of the game, you can be sure that decision you made in the past games will have a significant influence on Season Two’s plot. At least that’s the promise Telltale has made. Also I couldn’t get any sense that there will be points in the game where you have to make decisions that could drastically alter the narrative. The Wolf Among Us at least hinted at this by letting choose between which two areas to go to first. So it’s entirely possible that Season 2 might just be another game with a linear narrative, but with slight alterations to it’s minute details. But regardless, Season Two is once again shaping to be an experience that players won’t want to miss, and the following episodes seem to be in good hands.


Point and click visual novel in the style of games like Heavy Rain and The Wolf Among Us. In line from the previous season of The Walking Dead.


Improved from The Walking Dead Season 1, but not as visually appealing as The Wolf Among Us, although it could be a stylistic choice.


Voice-acting is still great, and the soundtrack has plenty of ambiance and dread for the correct occasions.


Shaping up to be a really great follow up season from the first title.

The Walking Dead Season Two Screenshots:

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