Kevin Lee II On February 27, 2014 at 11:36 am

Insurgency_new_modes_screenshot_01_featuredInsurgency, developed by New World Interactive, is a refreshing addition to the first-person shooter genre. It is a hardcore FPS which promotes team play and methodical planning to win the match. Insurgency provides you with no mini-map, and a very limited HUD (map objectives, remaining magazines). Friendly-fire is always on which makes you think before you shoot. It takes very few bullets to kill your enemy which, as a result, makes you cautiously and constantly check corners with the leaning function of the game. The game feels like a Counter-Strike, Red Orchestra, and Rainbow Six hybrid. PC shooter fans will not be disappointed with this game. Insurgency is multi-player only title with the exception of a practice mode where you can face AI bots to practice tactics.

The game consists of two teams: the Insurgents and the Security. Your equipment, weapons and accessories are created in a loadout on a match by match basis. Upgrades get wiped when the map or mode changes. There is no money but supplies instead. Supplies are gained by taking objectives. These upgrades include different optics/scopes, types of grenades, ammunition capacity. You are limited to the number of supplies and each upgrade costs a designated amount of supplies. Say a foregrip costs 2 supplies and you only have 1 supply left, then you would have to unequip something and swap it out for the foregrip if you wanted it. The class system is very similar to that of Red Orchestra, where each squad has a certain amount of specific classes. Each team is broken up into two squads with specific roles. This limits the amount of certain players to have snipers, light machine guns, and shotguns, etc. This means you can’t have a full team of snipers or overpowered weapons. Each person can then customize their roles weapons and equipment.

There are a variety of game modes in Insurgency. Most of them include territory control or blowing up weapon caches. One mode that really stands out is Push. This is where one team must defend three objectives that are captured by the attacking team in sequential order (similar to Battlefield’s rush game mode except no arming M-Coms). There are no hit markers or kill confirms in this game. This is not your everyday first person-shooter. Sometimes you cannot tell if you got the enemy or not if you are having a peeking match between your enemies. You get points for kills, but even more for doing objectives such as capturing a point.

The graphics and the sounds are on par with Counter-Strike Global Offensive. There are some tracks that play sometimes in the background but are mostly noticeable in the menu and end of the rounds. The graphics look really decent from being on the Source engine. Some textures do look low resolution even when set to maxed quality. This is probably an engine limitation or to save on resources.

There are only five maps as of now but New World Interactive has promised post-release development to the game, including new weapons, maps, and modes, and also their continued support of modding, with an eventual Steam Workshop integration. At a price of $14.99, the title would be well worth it to hardcore FPS fans on the PC.


Unforgiving yet very enjoyable tactical FPS action. Some moments can get intense especially with even teams.


Pretty decent for a Source engine game, expect similar to Counter-Strike: GO


Guns all sound accurate, limited soundtrack, great ambiance, decent voice-acting.


At a price of $14.99, the title would be well worth it to hardcore FPS fans on the PC especially with new content coming in the future.

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