Justin Lee On March 20, 2015 at 1:39 pm

Ceekars-4d-Headphone-mainCeekars (pronounced seekers) are the world’s first 4D headphones for virtual reality gaming, movies and more. Ceekars wirelessly connect with any smartphone or PC and seamlessly integrate with any Mobile VR device – it’s like putting an IMAX theatre in your back pocket! Unlike traditional 2D headphones that do not indicate direction and distance of sound, Ceekars deploys (patented) 4D physics-based audio technology with personalized soundscapes. With its unique haptic feedback, real-time processors and powerful mini-VR controller, movies, games, music and much more get experienced on a new level of Reality.

You can support their new IndieGoGo project right here and be one of the first people to own a Ceekar headphone http://ceek.com/ceekars

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