Eric Kelly On April 21, 2015 at 4:22 pm

Toukiden Kiwami LogoThe original Toukiden released a year ago in the West, and it unfortunately had become obsolete, as a trademark for Kiwami had been filed. And sure enough, not even a month later, it was officially announced. And the result is a game with more content, only it may not be enough for early adopters.

The game is the same as before, with little changed. It’s still about being a new Oni slayer, but this time on the big screen. In fact the Japanese version is still exclusively a PSP and Vita release. It’s the West that got a PS4 version to replace the PSP’s absence. And it shows, as the game didn’t receive any visual overhauls. So paying an additional $20 bucks for this title is a hard sell. It’s as if you were playing the Vita version on the PS TV, which is funny as the Vita version actually is compatible on the device. However, the ability to better controller makes the gameplay smoother with a better button layout.

The gameplay is pretty much the same as it was before, and my review from last year is pretty much the same as last year’s. You can check it out here. There are some new things to enjoy. The game now has three new weapons to mess around with, allowing for more play styles that may be more suitable for others. The Naginata is easier to use, but it is weaker than other weapons. For example the gun is easier to use than a bow, although it needs reloading times and the aiming is a bit slow. The last weapon is the club, which is slow but powerful, and it can be charged or let you counter incoming attacks. There are also some more characters to flesh out the story, even adding a new scenario to give them importance. New weapons, Mitama, and demons also serve to cut down on the monotony of the original a bit. But even with these additions, they are not enough of a justification for early adopters to double dip. If you haven’t picked the game up though, now’s the time. But only if you have a Vita, as the PS4’s $60 price tag is just a little steep for a game that might as well be played on a PS TV. Wait for a sale on the PS4 version otherwise.


It’s the same Monster hunting like gameplay from a year ago, only on the PS4. The new weapons are interesting though.


The PS4 version is a straight port, so it doesn’t look all that different on the big screen.


Music still unchanged, but still good.


While it might be a hard sell for previous owners of the Vita version to get the new edition, it’s even a harder justification for the $60 PS4 version. If you haven’t played the game though, it’s good time to do so.

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