Jeff Markiewicz On December 22, 2015 at 1:30 pm

MinecraftStoryMode_EPISODE_TWOEpisode 3 starts of right were we left the last episode with Ivor escaping and locking your group in a room. While this obviously is upsetting, getting revenge on him is not your main goal. To recap, the world is in danger from a Wither Storm and you believe a hero named Soren can help you destroy it. With this in mind, and the help of the amulet, you quickly get on the path to find this person. This trail will take you on a very perilous path, not only because of the enemies, but of the doubt brewing within the group.

The story goes on and this one is perhaps the best episode yet. No need for introductions, this one starts off quite fast and doesn’t let up for a while. The presentation and style are great, quite reminiscent of Borderlands. The episode is somewhat short but its jammed pack and feels like it’s the right mix of action and story. If you’re an experienced player, this one does tend to make you wonder if there are any consequences for missing an attack as I missed quite a bit because of my controller configuration. On the other hand, this means the game no apparent instant failure sections to mess with the flow of the story. The other issue, now that we are getting into the meat of the season, is the lack of grand, hard choices. They’re a hallmark of Telltale games and we have not had many yet and the big one here is disguised so you don’t even feel like there will be a consequence. Overall, this is a great episode and should more than satisfy fans of the story. Can’t wait to see what happens next!


A lot of action, some good story, and a great conclusion. Big choices are still noticeable absent. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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