Justin Lee On May 2, 2016 at 4:51 pm

starfox-zero-logoThe long awaited Wii U version of Star Fox is now upon us! It’s been a long time since we’ve had a Star Fox game, the last one was a remake Star Fox 64 3D…this time Fox McCloud is back with his animal wingmen in all new game. After seeing many features talked about at E3, with the mixed controls of the Wii U GamePad, Motion controls and regular stick controls, does it really work out? Click on through and read more!

The first thing you’ll notice when you start Star Fox Zero are the controls, you’ll need to use the motion of the GamePad, along with real buttons/sticks in combination of your TV AND the GamePad screen. You’ll either really find the new new control scheme super confusing or you’ll find that it’s the most control you’ve ever had in a game! It takes a while to get used to looking at the TV, while using the GamePad screen, there is no way around it…get used to it!

Remember the sense of speed Star Fox 64? The same can be said with Star Fox Zero, even though you are “being pushed along” in the level…you’ll still get that amazing flying feeling from the original game. As you bob, dodge, and barrel roll while blasting enemy robots…you’ll remember why the original game was so addictive and fun to play. Without spoiling too much, there a few other vehicles in the game get to use. One of which is a “Walker”…think a cool mech to battle enemies in buildings in close quarters.
Most of the graphics in the game are amazing with a retro look. However, some of the enemies seem to lack deal..a little TOO retro if you ask me. The sound track is very catchy and so are the cheesy one liners you’d expect from a Star Fox game.

Boss battles are insane, simply put you have full control of your Arwing…you won’t be “pushed” at a constant speed through the normal levels. This is where you’ll really need to master aiming with the GamePad Screen while watching the TV to fly. It’s almost like the game was designed for two people…one person to fly and the other to aim/shoot. It’s no surprise that 2 player co-op mode is JUST THAT, player 1 pilots on the TV and player 2 uses the gamepad to aim/shoot.
There is also an Arcade mode if you fancy just blasting your way through. You can also unlock a Retro Arwing if you happen to have the Fox McCloud amiibo.
Even though game is roughly 5 hours, it nearly took me that long to learn the new controls…luckily there are plenty of branching paths, hidden bosses, medals for replay value, and frankly there is no way you’ll unlock all the missions with the first completion of the game. I was very eager to replay the game using my mastered skills of using the Gamepad to aim/shoot AND flying on the TV.
If you’ve been itching for a blasting type game for your Wii U, this is definitely a must add to your collection of Wii U games…if you never liked Star Fox or space shooters, you’ll want to pass on this.


Hard to master controls, but once you get used to it…you’ll be doing a barrel roll in no time flat.


The game very good on the Wii U hardware, a great Star Fox retro look throughout the game with updated graphics and textures.


Great cheesy voice acting and catchy sound track you’d expect from Nintendo


An over all good Star Fox sequel, a very unique control system that takes a while to get used to.

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