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F1 2015 Showcases New Teaser Trailer

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F1 2015 logoCodemasters today released the first gameplay teaser trailer for F1 2015, the official videogame of the 2015 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Distributed by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. in the Americas F1 2015 will now release on July 21, 2015 in North and Latin America and on July 24, 2015 in Brazil. This will mark the award-winning series’ debut on PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft. The game will also be available for Windows PC.

North American gamers who pre-order F1 2015 at GameStop/EB Games will receive a collectable F1 2015 metal case. Latin American gamers can also secure the metal case by preordering the game at participating retailers in their respective countries (check local stores for details).

F1 2015 Showcases New Teaser Trailer

Crypt of the NecroDancer Review – Windows PC (Steam)

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Crypt of the Necrodancer LogoRogue-likes are making a comeback to the PC scene, even if they aren’t in the same realm of popularity of the Metroidvania genre. Crypt of the Necrodancer, however, does something a bit different to set it apart from previous and current efforts. However, its steep challenge might turn away most players and keep only the most dedicated gamers.
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Finding Teddy 2 Review – Windows PC (Steam)

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Game Logo - Finding Teddy 2While there are plenty of Metroidvania platformers out there, not many of them actually go for more of a Zelda II style. Finding Teddy 2 is such a game. While the game is a fun little action-platformer with a few neat ideas, it falls somewhat short because of two large oversights in its gameplay.

Finding Teddy 2 is the sequel to Finding Teddy, which was actually a point and click adventure game. This time, the game has made a genre switch to action-platformer. Most of the game’s story is told through visuals, leaving everything in-between to the player’s imagination. The game starts when Tara gets done playing a videogame session that ended abruptly. Curious to find out what happened, she heads outside. And for whatever reason, she takes a sword and starts off toward a castle, whereupon her teddy bear is kidnapped by a goblin-like mage monster. With some exploration, Tara finds a magic book, and gets sucked into its world. In these various worlds, you will find cubes that let you play melodies. These melodies will be the main source of communicating with the local lifeforms that can speak only in song. They are also used to find secrets or open doors. Each world also has a dungeon to explore, with new items that help aid your progress through the game, and get to previously inaccessible areas. While that’s par the course for the genre, the use of the cubes reminds me of the Ocarina of Time.
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Project Cars LogoProject CARS is a racing simulator from developer Slightly Mad Studios. Since the inception of this studio, they have been completely focused on racers, bringing you such games as Need for Speed: Shift and Shift 2: Unleashed, which were both well received. Since then, they have worked on a couple more games and have just released Project CARS. The title is actually a crowdfunding success story through their very own development portal called World of Mass Development. When backers bought into the game, they were buying access into the development cycle. They were able to offer feedback on builds and drive the game into what is has become today. This has even fed into the very name of the game, CARS, which is an acronym for Community Assisted Racing Simulator. While this is really cool, the more voices, the more chaotic something tends to become. Project CARS is one of the first games to be driven by the community but can the voice of the many steer this one true?
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LEGO Jurassic World: New Trailer and Release Date Revealed

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Lego Jurassic World LogoThe latest trailer for LEGO Jurassic World is finally here and overflowing with dinos: big dinos, tiny dinos, friendly dinos, angry dinos, flying dinos, battling dinos, and even goofy dinos! Between the 20+ different kinds of playable dinosaurs and more making an appearance in LEGO Jurassic World, players will have plenty to do in this colossal game when it comes out in North America June 12, 2015, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Windows PC.

LEGO Jurassic World: New Trailer

EA Reveals Full Feature Set for NHL 16

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NHL 16 Header LogoEA has announced on their Blog the full Feature Set for the upcoming NHL 16 game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Hockey Ultimate TeamFirst we looked to our biggest fans and asked them to be a part of our team. We spent more time listening and working with them this year than ever before. Their most requested features and modes are in NHL 16 and include new experiences that make NHL bigger and better. In Hockey Ultimate Team you’ll now be able to play through single player offline seasons. In Be a GM, not only will you navigate the motions of draft day and manage your AHL affiliate team, but now you can also manage the morale of individual players on your NHL roster throughout the season. Finally, Be a Pro brings back features like Sim to the Next Shift and the ability to start your career in the minors and also introduces a brand new progression system where how you play on the ice, shapes who you become in the NHL.
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Ar nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star Release Date Revealed

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KOEI TECMO America is excited to announce the upcoming release of Ar nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star for the PlayStation Vita, set to launch in North America on July 2, 2015. This turn-based ‘7-Dimension’ RPG is a remake of Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star, updated with new costumes, new “purification” partners, and some DLC available in the previous version pre-loaded on this game.

Ar nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star is a fantasy, sci-fi, ‘7-Dimension’ RPG that takes place in a world where music and song can create magic. It tells the compelling story of a civilization that lost their planet and has been roaming the edge of space for 2000 years in search of a new home. The player follows two sets of characters: Delta and Casty, whose goal is to protect humanity and save the world, and Ion and Earthes, who are trying to find Ion a way home to Earth. The player can change between both pairs and discover a way to combine their storylines and strengths to eventually solve the mystery that shrouds their on-going struggles.

Ar nosurge Plus: Ode to an Unborn Star Screenshots:

Ar nosurge Plus Updates:
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New Nintendo Direct on Thursday, May 7 10:00AM Eastern

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Nintendo has announced that the next Nintendo Direct will feature new news about the upcoming game Splatoon for the Wii U.

Catch a new Splatoon Nintendo Direct right here on May 7 at 7 a.m. PT / 10 a.m. ET. We’ll share some squid-tastic new details about the upcoming Wii U game via the Squid Research Lab.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D Review – New Nintendo 3DS

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3D LogoBack in 2010 the original Xenoblade released in Japan for the Nintendo Wii, and a European version released about a year later as Xenoblade Chronicles. Nintendo of America kind of dragged its foot about a North American release, but thankfully in 2012 they answered the demand for the game, using Nintendo of Europe’s localization. It had a limited release restricted to Gamestop and Nintendo’s online store, but despite all odds, the game sold amazingly well for Nintendo: Enough to warrant NOA’s involvement in the localization for the upcoming Sequel Xenoblade Chronicles X. In the meantime, they are debuting their first title for the New Nintendo 3DS and XL as a port of Xenoblade Chronicles. And while it’s a bit of a visual downgrade, it’s still a terrific game.
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Ubisoft Reveals Pre-Order Details and Special Editions for Might & Magic Heroes VII / Trailer

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Today, Ubisoft revealed details on three editions of Might & Magic Heroes VII. All three editions for Windows PC are available for pre-order starting today. In addition, players who will pre-order the game will receive guaranteed access to the Closed Beta which will begin on May 25, 2015, as well as exclusive in-game portraits at release.

Pre-Order Trailer for Might & Magic Heroes VII

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