• Call of Duty: Black Ops III Review – Xbox One (Also on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox 360)

Call of Duty Black Ops III LogoLast generation was defined and dominated by a single franchise, Call of Duty. No other franchise really came close to generating more hype and anticipation than this one. Before Call of Duty 4, the franchise was a competent shooter that met moderate success on the PC. After this, the franchise was the defining shooter on consoles. Ever since then, there has been another entry in the series every year and the series has grown to be so big that it takes several different developers to keep it going. The premiere developer in that bunch is now Treyarch. This developer has been around for nearly two decades but lately, they have been developing some of the best Call of Duty has to offer. Going against them is an ongoing franchise fatigue. Yearly releases with the same formula is driving players to grow tired of what they use to love. The ship hasn’t capsized yet, but it’s headed for some troubled waters soon if the ship cannot be righted. Last year, Advanced Warfare gave the franchise a breath of fresh air. Can Treyarch continue the fight with Black Ops III?
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Galak-Z Review – Windows PC (Steam)

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Galak-Z LogoIf you were old enough to have watched shows like Robotech and became a fan, chances are high that you’ve always yearned for a game that captured the essence of that series in videogame form. Unfortunately for Western gamers, they have been deprived of such an experience for a ridiculously long time. Now enter 17-bit, with Galak-Z. While there have been a handful of mecha games in recent years, none of them took the experience of space combat into account. Galak-Z attempts to do this, and mostly succeeds. There are a few odd design choices that hinder it a bit though.
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Tales from Borderlands Live EventTelltale Games seem much more comfortable with the language of cinematography than the language of game design. If games are to be measured by the things gamers love to rage about, Tales from the Borderlands isn’t worth its footprint on your hard drive. Boiled down to your interaction with the game, you play a walking simulator, mash some QTE buttons, and watch some unskippable cutscenes.
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MinecraftStoryMode_EPISODE_TWOTelltale Games has been on a roll lately with their adventure games. The stride started with The Walking Dead and has continued on to The Wolf Among Us, Borderlands, and Game of Thrones. Their latest addition to their franchise stable is Minecraft. Minecraft: Story Mode attempts to give the immensely popular game something it has never really had, a story. Telltale has tackled some of our favorite franchises and delivered but this is the first one not directed entirely at an adult audience, can they still strike gold?
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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege PC Specs Announced

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R6_SIEGE_BlackToday Ubisoft announced the PC specs for Rainbow Six Siege, which will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on December 1. Below is a full list of the system requirements.

Supported OS
Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (64bit versions required)

Intel Core i3 560 @ 3.3 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 945 @ 3.0 GHz


Video Card
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD 5870 (DirectX-11 compliant with 1GB of VRAM) [See list of supported video cards down below]

DVD-ROM Dual Layer

DirectX® 9.0c compatible sound card with latest drivers

Hard Drive

Broadband connection with 256kbps upstream or faster

Recommended PC Specifications:
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assassins-creed-syndicate-logoLast year, Assassin’s Creed took it right on the chin. Score one for the Templars, in fact. Unity was dogged by criticism even before release for its lack of a playable female character (Liberation’s protagonist, Aveline, not counting for much apparently) and various comments that didn’t play well in the media. Once it was out on the shelves, the flaws and bugs were so numerous that everyone couldn’t help but pile negativity onto the game thanks to the atmosphere that built up around it. While Syndicate isn’t quite a full redemption of the franchise on the level that I felt Black Flag was, it definitely answers a lot of the criticism of the past couple years and it also refines the classic gameplay just enough to warrant a look if you haven’t burnt yourself out on the series yet, or might even be a nice introduction to the franchise as it currently stands.
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Fallout 4 Review – Windows PC (Also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One)

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Fallout 4 LogoThe Bethesda Fallout games are almost beyond reproach. In the vast, flawed game that is Fallout 4, you’re probably going to be impressed by the number and scale of things, not their quality. Not to say Fallout 4 is fundamentally bad, but there are plenty of rough spots along the way. For better or worse, this is still a Bethesda game.

If you’re looking for a strong argument for how Fallout 4 improves on Fallout 3/New Vegas, I’m not sure there is one. V.A.T.S. is almost identical save for a retuned critical hit system. The new features deliver what was promised – a voiced protagonist is a nice addition, but it won’t change Bethesda’s writing, stiff and flat as it is. The creation tools seem versatile, but the time investment for all the resource gathering is daunting.
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Rise of the Tomb Raider Review – Xbox One (Also on Xbox 360)

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Rise of the Tomb Raider LogoLara Croft is a character with distinguished lineage, both in the context of Tomb Raider universe, but also in the game industry at large. She was at the forefront of the PlayStation’s original success, demonstrating the innovation made possible with the advent of accessible 3D graphics on the console. But eventually a fall from grace with disappointing sequels required a reboot, one which Crystal Dynamics pulled off quite brilliantly in 2013, at least according to both critics and word of mouth. So it was a shock to hear from publisher Square Enix that it had not met expectations despite selling millions of copies. That’s probably why Rise of the Tomb Raider releases this year as a timed Xbox One exclusive, to arrive later next year on PC and PS4. While many are wringing their hands at this decision, if it helped offset the cost of making it, then it was more than worth it.
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Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden Review and Contest – 3DS

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Dragon Ball Z Extreme Butoden Logo

CONTEST ALERT! We are giving away a copy of Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden for 3DS to anyone in North America! Void where prohibited by law or affiliated with Gametactics, Namco Bandai Games and it’s promoters.

Simply LIKE the Gametactics page here (not a post, the actual page) http://www.facebook.com/Gametactics to be entered to win. You can also follow us on Twitter to get a bonus entry! http://www.twitter.com/gametactics A random Facebook follower or Twitter follower will be chosen on November 30th at 12:01AM and will be contacted via Facebook or Twitter (existing followers and likers of Gametactics are already entered, no need to dislike/re like the page). Now go enjoy the review of the game below.

While the Butoden series of Dragon Ball Z Fighting games have remained home in Japan. But this game in particular is but a Butoden in name only, as many of the things that made that series stand out aren’t fully represented here. It’s also the third DBZ game developed by Arc System Works, and compared to its previous efforts, it’s lacking. There are a few interesting features that still make the game stand out a little, but it’s only just barely enough to hold any Dragon Ball fan’s interest.
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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Post-Launch Details

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R6_SIEGE_BlackUbisoft today unveiled some important details about what you can expect after Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege’s release in their latest video.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Official – Post Launch – Behind the Wall #5:

Given its strong focus on multiplayer action and giving players a dynamic, continually evolving experience, it should come as no surprise there are big plans in the works for Rainbow Six Siege after its launch on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on December 1.

Head over to the Ubiblog for the full post-launch announcement and further details on the above: http://blog.ubi.com/rainbow-six-siege-post-launch-maps-operators-modes