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Destiny is a game that carries a lot of hope from gamers, developers, and publisher alike. It’s Bungie’s first major title out from under the shadow of Microsoft and the Halo juggernaut they constructed with them, and Activision has bet large on it being a hit (though maybe not quite the half a billion rumored […]

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Editors Note: This is a Alpha Build and this article is definitely not an accurate indication of how the final product will be. I’ve had some time with Skara: The Blade Remains, And I must say, what I sampled is a poor example of what the team is trying to accomplish. The game is a […]

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Fans in the U.S. and Canada will soon have a chance to play one of the biggest games of 2014 before it launches in stores and in the Nintendo eShop on May 30. Mario Kart 8 for Wii U will be playable at more than 2,700 GameStop stores around the U.S. from 12 to 4 […]

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Cloudbuilt is an interesting take on the third-person parkour gameplay that was first introduced in Mirror’s Edge. I had the chance to try out the beta, and it looks to be the game to fill in the void until Mirror’s Edge 2 comes out. But it also has its own aesthetic that will provide something […]

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PvP isn’t what makes or breaks the success of most MMORPGs. Despite what vocal proponents may say, it’s usually more like the icing on the cake, something to expand the audience and provide continued replay value when the PvE portion gets stale or is awaiting new content. That said, it’s an aspect of the genre […]

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When The Elder Scrolls Online was first announced, the reaction was a mix of excitement and trepidation, depending on where you stood on MMORPGs as a genre, and whether you believed ZeniMax could strike a balance between what makes games like Oblivion and Skyrim such great single players experiences with the execution of a persistent […]

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Wasteland 2 is the long awaited sequel to the 1988 PC game that went through Kickstarter to drive up the funds for its creation. I got to play around with the Early Access Beta, which was meant for Kickerstarter backers. Also unlike many betas, this one is structured more like a demo, only representing a […]

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Ubisoft was kind enough to invite GameTactics to their Montreal studios yesterday to check out the multiplayer mode of their upcoming AAA title Splinter Cell: Blacklist. Anyone who’s played just about any Splinter Cell besides Conviction will instantly recognize the Spies vs Mercs mode and in fact the disappointment by Splinter Cell fans by it’s […]

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The multiplayer beta of Divinity: Dragon Commander is underway, and I had the chance to preview it. Dragon Commander is an RTS/Action game hybrid made by Larian Studios for the PC. It promises to make for interesting blend of strategic and Attack gameplay and perhaps it will make good on that promise.

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Something big will be posted to Gametactics, Wii U! We will have the best unboxing videos, the best summary of all the games that you’ll want to buy on launch day! For now we can only show you this lovely picture from our offices: