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Last generation was defined and dominated by a single franchise, Call of Duty. No other franchise really came close to generating more hype and anticipation than this one. Before Call of Duty 4, the franchise was a competent shooter that met moderate success on the PC. After this, the franchise was the defining shooter on […]

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If you were old enough to have watched shows like Robotech and became a fan, chances are high that you’ve always yearned for a game that captured the essence of that series in videogame form. Unfortunately for Western gamers, they have been deprived of such an experience for a ridiculously long time. Now enter 17-bit, […]

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Last year, Assassin’s Creed took it right on the chin. Score one for the Templars, in fact. Unity was dogged by criticism even before release for its lack of a playable female character (Liberation’s protagonist, Aveline, not counting for much apparently) and various comments that didn’t play well in the media. Once it was out […]

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The Bethesda Fallout games are almost beyond reproach. In the vast, flawed game that is Fallout 4, you’re probably going to be impressed by the number and scale of things, not their quality. Not to say Fallout 4 is fundamentally bad, but there are plenty of rough spots along the way. For better or worse, […]

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Lara Croft is a character with distinguished lineage, both in the context of Tomb Raider universe, but also in the game industry at large. She was at the forefront of the PlayStation’s original success, demonstrating the innovation made possible with the advent of accessible 3D graphics on the console. But eventually a fall from grace […]

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While last year’s Yoshi’s New Island was just decent to outright bland depending on who you talked to, There’s few that would be arguing against its art style being terrible. Good Feel, not content to leave their yarny takes on Nintendo’s IP’s with just Kirby, has moved onto the Yoshi’s Island series. Not only do […]

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While Pokemon is still popular in the US, Nintendo and Level-5’s attempt to recapture that audience through Yo-kai watch is an ambitious one. Finally, the series has hit the West, along with an anime series and merchandise to boot. It’s a good thing that the first entry in the game series is a good one…although, […]

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It’s been a year since Bandai Namco put out Tales of Hearts R for the Vita, and once again RPG fans have been awaiting this game since it launched earlier this year in January in its home country. Now it’s finally here, and it delivers a solid Action-RPG experience, despite having a less interesting story […]

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Leading and award-winning developer and publisher of digital entertainment Telltale Games, and world-renowned game developer Mojang, today announced that Minecraft: Story Mode – A Telltale Games Series is now available in stores across North America and will be available in Europe starting Friday October 30th. Also available starting this week, the highly-anticipated Episode Two: Assembly […]

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NBA 2K16 is the latest game in the popular NBA 2K line that stretches all the way back to before the turn of the century with its first entry on the Dreamcast. The franchise’s developer, Visual Concepts, goes back over another two decades. Starting in 1988, they have churned out tons of games like Task […]