Justin Lee On February 21, 2006 at 8:13 am

Sony says Merrill Lynch has it wrong. The Playstation 3 is still on target for a Spring 2006 release!

Sony Computer Entertainment spokesperson Kei Sakaguchi has officially denied reports from financial analysts at Merrill Lynch that the PS3 could be delayed by several months, reiterating that the console will launch this spring.

Sakaguchi was responding to allegations made by Merrill Lynch analyst Joe Osha in a report published late last week, in which Osha claimed that the PS3 could launch in autumn in Japan, with a US launch possibly being delayed to early 2007.

"There is no change in our original plan to release the console in spring 2006," Sakaguchi told the press in Tokyo, referring to the company’s only stated goal for the launch so far – namely that the console will appear in at least one territory, most likely Japan, this spring.
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