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Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a game. Any way you look at it, it is indeed an actual game. You can download it, and install it. You can load it up on your Xbox 360. You can even play it. You can! Really! But do you want to? That’s a really good question.

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The Shantae series has been a pleasant surprise from the start, a Metroidvania style platformer which features a quite whimsical and visually appealing universe along with some very original powers as well level as level and boss designs. While not one of the major properties out there, it has enough of a cult following that […]

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Gametactics gets an early look at the New 3DS XL that is coming out in Canada and the United States on February 13th 2015. Your Host Justin Lee unboxes and even gets out the screw driver to get to the Micro SD card slot that is under the battery cover. We will have a full […]

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Last year I reviewed EA’s return to the basketball court with NBA Live 14. While that game was stillborn and ultimately not much of a contender to 2K’s reign, it still interrupted their brief monopoly on the virtual sport. Given another year or two, the NBA 2K series might have an actual competitor on the […]

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While Sekai Project is no stranger to working on Visual Novels, this is the first one that actually has two versions. Namely an M rated version, and an adult 18+ version. The steam version is the ‘all-ages’ version, with all the sex scenes removed. I feel that this is important to let people know, as […]

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Sekai Project has been making quite some headway this year, with more and more visual novels cropping up on Valve’s Steam, whether they need the help to do Kickstarters or not. Fault – Milestone One is such a project; and the fruits of that labor are promising, if the first episode is anything to go […]

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It’s been a rough year for Ubisoft, with nasty bugs cropping up in their flagship franchise’s latest sequel, Assassin’s Creed Unity, as well as the lukewarm reception for new properties like Watch Dogs and The Crew. But they struck gold with Far Cry 3 a couple years ago, adding another major AAA arrow to their […]

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Alltynex Second is actually an overhaul of a prototype called Alltynex. It was originally released in Japan in 2010, but now it’s finally in the West. All courtesy of Nyu Media. And it’s quite the contrast compared to KAMUI.

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KAMUI was originally released back in 1999, over 15 years ago: It was a shmup that hit the Japanese PC doujin scene. Now in 2014, it has finally made its way to the Western market on Steam and other digital storefronts. And despite its age, it’s still as fun and inviting as ever.

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