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Disney Infinity is a game that is better looked at as a service than simply a game. Instead of getting a defined, complete game, Disney Infinity presents a play space to the user and sets them loose to play. If they want more content, they just purchase the physical and digital add-ons. This formula is […]

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Many professional race car drivers and crew chiefs will tell you, a race isn’t necessarily won on the track, it can actually be won or lost in the pits. With the Xbox One launching back in 2013 and their baby sitting in the pit being worked on, Turn 10 was under immense pressure to get […]

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F1 2015 is ostensibly a racing title first and foremost, but because it represents a specific racing league, it also finds itself within the parameters of sports series like Madden and FIFA, which means it faces the daunting task of reinventing itself each year to justify a purchase unlike Forza or Gran Turismo, which can […]

Posted By Eric Kelly On September 3, 2015 at 4:14 pm Comments Off on WORLD END ECONOMiCA episode.02 Review – Windows PC (Steam)

It’s been nearly a year since the release of the first episode of World End Economica. It would have been out earlier, but was pushed back for a number of reasons. However, the wait was well worth it, as the story has been significantly improved. The first episode’s largest issues were the insufferable protagonist, weak […]

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My handwritten notes on RymdResa are all questions, or contain statements framed by questions: “Is this surreal or not? The mechanics are grounded, but context is not.” And after 9 hours of play, I’m left with more questions. Who is the protagonists long-lost love? Is she a metaphor for something? Is the protagonist the player? […]

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Gears of War was released by Epic Games in the fall of 2006 for the Xbox 360. This game was one of the defining titles from that era and was the beginning of one of its most popular franchises. Now nearly a decade later this beloved game has been plucked out by developer The Coalition […]

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While Playism-Games have been hard at work to bring Japan indie games to English speaking audiences, they have stuck tightly to PC. But now with the release of Astebreed on the PS4 and the impending release of a swath of Touhou games, I hope that we can see even more from the publisher, as Astebreed […]

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Well, after three Batman games from the Arkham series, Rocksteady is back to finish the series with Arkham Knight. But it seems that Rocksteady has just about run out of ideas for the franchise, as the game employs some ideas mostly seen in mainstream games. The end result of this is a game that has […]

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When playing through many of the same lookalike AAA titles each fall, many of them sequels of sequels, all looking to stake a claim to your wallet with similar tactics, you might wonder if game making would be better divorced from the profit incentive. Toren is a great counterexample in that it is a game […]

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There are a few companies that have been around for what seems like ages, Rare is one of those companies. When Rare announced that they would be releasing a 30 game compilation of their titles for $30 on Xbox One at E3, people nearly passed out. With over 700 hours of gameplay for such a […]