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Destiny is a game that carries a lot of hope from gamers, developers, and publisher alike. It’s Bungie’s first major title out from under the shadow of Microsoft and the Halo juggernaut they constructed with them, and Activision has bet large on it being a hit (though maybe not quite the half a billion rumored […]

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Ubisoft may have fumbled often in the past, but they at least deserve some credit when it comes to letting their various development studios make new things. Such is the case with Valiant Hearts: The Great War. Made by Ubisoft Montpellier, Valiant Hearts is a wonderful and heart touching little adventure game. The game’s plot […]

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Editors Note: This is a Alpha Build and this article is definitely not an accurate indication of how the final product will be. I’ve had some time with Skara: The Blade Remains, And I must say, what I sampled is a poor example of what the team is trying to accomplish. The game is a […]

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For the last several years, Kemco has released JRPG title after title, with only recently a lot of them making it to Android and IOS devices in the West. Although, the in game translations done leave a lot to be desired. That’s where companies like Natsume come in. They take on the taxing job of […]

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While the first episode of World End Economica is up on MangaGamer, Sekaiproject has decided to raise a Kickstarter for a ‘Complete’ version of the game, which will include all three episodes. The game is a visual novel about Stock Trading, and the first episode doesn’t do much to make that concept seem too exciting. […]

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The recent revelations about what the NSA has been up to as the internet proliferates around us has led many to ask if it’s worth connecting so many things to each other only to have them betray us and our personal data. Watch Dogs has timely inserted itself into this context with a look at […]

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Imagine you’re a hardened soldier, critically injured in World War II. You’re hospitalized, living in a haze, and you finally become lucid many years later. Now imagine you wake up from your stupor, only to discover Nazis won the war and have taken over everything. You’re tasked with ending the Nazis reign and saving the […]

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Every once in a while, you will run across a game game on Kickstarter that promises to be a unique experience, but then you hear the concept and see gameplay footage. You get the sense of where its inspiration is drawn from, with the promise of something more as well. Unfortunately for Monochroma, its prospects […]

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Orcs have become victims of brutal Human expansion, as they are carelessly poisoning the environment that was once their homeland. The game follows four trained Orc heroes that are retaliating with a Not-So-Silent yet very deadly plan to take back their homeland by any means possible. The Orcs fart, burp, and slice their way through […]

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Every once in a while Nintendo will actually release something new and different just to prove to its naysayers that it can do what they claim Nintendo doesn’t do. Only it’s not that new, considering there was a Tomodachi Collection on the DS before this game, Tomodachi Life. The ‘life-sim’ that uses Mii data to […]