Malcolm Owen On May 18, 2006 at 7:56 am

5GB! Holy Moly…

Ascaron Entertainment
Developer: Ascaron Entertainment
Genre: Space Action
Release: August 2006

Darkstar One, the explosive space action blaster from Ascaron, is set to deliver a truly massive gameplay experience.

The universe of Darkstar One features over 5GB of uncompressed data, providing a wealth of high-impact gameplay. Such is the magnitude of the game that Darkstar One will be launched on 9GB dual-layer DVD media.

The Darkstar One DVD includes:

– 2 GB of graphic material
– 1.5 GB of videos (approximately 1 hour in total), including 6Channel Sound + 2Channel Stereo
– 700MB of sounds and voices
– 90 minutes of music
– 16 hours of speech, including 5-6 hours of co-pilot speech

Darkstar One hits retail shelves in August 2006.

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