Justin Lee On June 30, 2006 at 5:57 am

Gone GOLD! We saw Super Dragon Ball Z during E3 on our e3coverage.com site and it looked like a great versus fighting game. Less crazy button presses to worry about, more for the hard core versus gamer, worth checking out.

Atari today announced that development is complete on Super Dragon Ball Z for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. Published by NAMCO BANDAI Games, distributed in Europe by Atari and developed by former Street Fighter II producer Noritaka Funamizu’s new studio, Crafts & Meister, Super Dragon Ball Z takes the DBZ franchise into high-octane 3D arcade territory with intense, dramatic combos and unprecedented damage.

With its authentic arcade-style handling and gameplay, Super Dragon Ball Z takes fans of the DBZ series into the eye of the storm, concentrating on intense gameplay and rewarding players who seek to master the game’s devastating all-new combo system. Players have the option to fight in the air or on the ground and can use the terrain tactically in fights to lay waste to their opponents in spectacular fashion.

The unstoppable DBZ series of video games has reinvented itself with the unadulterated arcade-style gameplay of Super Dragon Ball Z bringing a new style of DBZ game to the fans. The pedigree of the Street Fighter II team is self-evident in the style and panache of the combat and brings a welcome new dimension to the series.

Each of the 13 characters and 5 unlockable secret characters in the game, including DBZ celebrities Goku, Gohan and Vegeta, are taken straight from the world of DBZ and have their own catalogue of unique special attacks and fighting styles faithful to the series.

Dragon Ball Z is the leading anime-based video games, with more than 25 different games and ten million units sold since May 2002. For additional information on Super Dragon Ball Z and other Dragon Ball Z video games please visit www.dbz-videogames.com

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