Malcolm Owen On July 3, 2006 at 1:11 pm

Come one, Come All, and witness the amazingness of the Fondant Totoro. Gasp in horror at the Human Sleeping Bag. Cower in fear from the Halo 2 Gamer Rage, and praise the Free MMORPG…

In English, we randomly designate weird and fun stuff from teh Intarweb as RLOTMs. Random Link of the Moment that is. If it’s worth a look, we’ll put something in the forum to hail it as a great find for humans everywhere to enjoy. Sadly, as time goes on and the forum gets cleaned out of useless crap, we may end up losing these RLOTM posts, possibly even forever, forgetting their greatness like the sheep we are. Here’s a semi-regular archive of what we found that you might want to look at.

Part #1 of the neverending and irregular series "Random Link of the Moment":
The Fondant Totoro

And then, there’s instructions on how to make said fondant Totoro. Basically, you get some Fondant Icing (Ask a parent), roll one large blue chunk into a ball, the other smaller white chunk flat, combine the two and you have an Anime creature.

(No, I do not know why on photo 4 it looks like it’s seen something that is about to kill it…)

Has anyone else seen something similar at all?

Part #2 of the neverending and irregular series "Random Link of the Moment":
The Human Sleeping Bag

Normally, the title of this link would be a perfect description of what it is, but this time it’s not what you think. It’s not a sleeping bag made out of human flesh, but instead a sleeping bag shaped like a human: The "Selk’bag". The reason? So you can walk, jump, glide, swing, dance or whatever you crazy humans do whilst in a sleeping bag. You aren’t as restricted as a normal sleeping bag makes you, which makes things better.

The only problems I can see are that in order to stay in it for extremely long periods of time (24 hours or longer, or "Between Baths or Showers" to everyone else) you need a way of "excreting waste" (I suggest a colostomy bag) and "procreation" (No idea, except that it does not look sexy, so that practically moots the problem anyway).

It doesn’t help that you look like the Michelin man either… – The Blog of someone who saw it. – The home of the "Selk’bag"

Part #3 of the neverending and irregular series "Random Link of the Moment (RLOTM)":
Halo 2 Gamer Rage

If you scream this much while playing Halo 2 online…you need help. Serious help!

The more you scream into your Xbox Live headset, I’m sure the more people will scream back at you.

Warning, the following video contains swearing, and tons of it!
Check out the video at

Part #4 of the neverending and irregular series "Random Link of the Moment (RLOTM)":
FREE Massive Multiplayer Online RPG!

FREE, can you go wrong with free? I mean Ubisoft is offering 3 year old online RPG for you for free, not a trial…you can play till your eyes fall out of your head. So come on, go download it and try it out:

Many members of the Shadowbane Community have already noticed that a change has occured to the Billing System today; one that allows players to play for free!

Info and download here:

If you have anything you wish to add to the list for the next recap (Think the end of August) feel free to post in our Forums. You might even be credited with the find…

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