Justin Lee On November 29, 2006 at 11:13 am

The game is Sneak King, and the object is surprise. Now’s your chance to step into the royal shoes of the King himself as you silently unleash hot sandwiches on the hungry citizens of this famished world. All of your covert gaming skills will be put to the test as you take on the role of the slickest sneaker on the planet: The Sneak King.

There’s an art to sneaking up on someone and surprising them with a hot, delicious sandwich. You might not know that, but it’s true. The average person might just knock on a door with sandwich in hand and yell "Surprise!" but something would be missing from the experience. That something is drama, mystery, finesse. And the King has it all in spades.

Here’s your chance to learn the King’s magic. Step into his royals hose and learn the cunning stealth that elevates his surreptitious sandwich surprises to an art form. Sneak down alleys, roads, and sidewalks. Surprise unsuspecting burger lovers from inside barrels, pipes, and treehouses. The more you sneak, the more you will gain an appreciation for the methods of the true Sneak King.

Just $3.99 (USD) or $4.99 (CAD) with the purchase of any BK value meal from Burger King.

* Practice in Free Play Mode: Master your stealthy maneuvers, explore the neighborhood, and find places to hide, all without having to worry about making noise or being seen. Enjoy it while it lasts.
* Take on Challenge Mode: Now things start to get interesting. Surprise hungry people with fresh, hot sandwiches, and always do it in a matter befitting your majesty. Unleash the sandwiches with a triumphant flourish.
* Do it all in style: Score on each delivery based on distance, hiding place, flourish, hunger level, and chain count. If you can beat all 80 challenges, you will be crowned the one and only Sneak King.

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