Justin Lee On November 23, 2006 at 11:37 am

People love messing around with new consoles, installing 300 gig hard drives on the Playstation 3 and now messing with the Nintendo Wii store so you can surf to any website.

Straight from: http://www.feelthissite.com/sitedude/wii/forums/viewtopic.php?p=37#37

Tools Used:

WifiMax Nintendo Wii Wireless Dongle

PC of course

Want to browse the internet before WII’s Opera is launched?

Heres how:

Step One:

Download Simple DNS Plus at http://www.jhsoft.com/

Install Simple DNS Plus

Step Two:

Once you have Simple DNS Plus opened goto Tools -> Edit DNS Records

In the DNS records goto tools –> Quick Domain Wizard

In the domain field type "oss.shop.wii.com"

for the webserver ip type in the ip of the website to goto (if you want to find out the ip goto cmd prompt and type ping sitename.com)

google’s IP is

so bascially put that in as the "Web Server IP"

Erase the secondary DNS Server and press OK

On the WII

Goto the Wii Menu

Wii Settings


Connection Settings

Chose your connection

Change settings

click next 3 times until you get to the DNS setup, Click Advanced Settings

Then enter the primary DNS as your computers IP address: (to get that goto cmd prompt on the computer and type ipconfig)

click ok and launch the Shopping Channel, it should bring up google now!

Check Home Page for Video

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