Justin Lee On December 19, 2006 at 11:28 am

Have you had it using two analog sticks to play first person shooters? You prefer a keyboard and mouse to game? SplitFish has just announced the EdgeFX for the Playstation 2.

SplitFish GameWare Inc today announced GameStop is the first to receive the EdgeFX Controller for the Sony Playstation 2. The EdgeFX controller is expected in their retail stores next week.

The EdgeFX is part of the “FX GameWare Series”, our console product line designed for competition game play.

Computer gamers know the best way to control the action is with a keyboard and mouse combination. The EdgeFX puts that same style of game play on the PS2. The EdgeFX has a right hand optical mouse controller and gaming pad with a detachable left hand controller. During game play, the left hand controller is used to move while the right rumblemouse is used to shoot, look left, right, up and down.

The EdgeFX features all the normal buttons of a PS2 controller and complete support for all PS2 games, it also features force feed back, a speed button to adjust the overall controller speed and a focus button to switch to precision mode.

The EdgeFX allows you to move at maximum speeds and then instantly slow down for precision targeted shooting when the focus button is pressed. The rumble-mouse in the right hand adds to a true interactive experience. The suggested retail price for the EdgeFX Controller is $69.99. SplitFish has patents pending on key internal portions of this technology. We expect the retail EdgeFX PS3 version that is now in production, to be available soon. Further we are measuring the demand for the readied xBox Halo designed version.
For more information visit http://www.splitfish.com

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