Justin Lee On April 20, 2007 at 9:12 am

There were some rumblings in the past that The Sims 2 Pets would be headed to the Nintendo Wii, this press release and a few screenshots confirm it. The game is due out June 19th in North America and June 22nd in Europe.

Product Description

Create new companions for your Sims to love throughout their lifetime. It’s fun and easy to play with the Wii controls, but expect the unexpected with your furry friends. Choose from popular dog and cat breeds or customize their features to create a unique pet for your Sim to raise as one of the family. Whether Sims are romping with their pets in the central town park or searching the shops for the perfect pet accessory, keep one thing in mind-Sim pets have minds of their own.

Key Features

Your Sims Have Pets-Adopt dogs, cats, and guinea pigs for your Sims to play with. Your
Sims can train their dogs and cats to learn new tricks. They even have their own personality-
smart, friendly, silly, or hyper!

Create-A-Pet-Choose from more than 22 dog and 15 cat breeds including Retrievers,
Beagles, Pugs, Schnoodles, Main Coons, Siamese, and more. You can even create your own by customizing their appearance with a variety of traits including body shape, color, fur, nose, and ears!

Head to the Town Park-Take your Sims and their pets for a playful romp at the Central
Town Park where they can play with their furry friends and meet other Sims and their pets. Buy fun items for your Sims’ pets at local shops and watch the town center grow over time.

Classic Sims Gameplay-Create Sims that look like you and your friends and control how
they spend their lives-their stories are in your hands!

Easy-to-Play with the Wii-With full support for the Nunchuck and Wii remote, just point at
the screen to direct your Sims. Designing homes is a snap as you grab walls, furnishings, and decor and place them where you want.

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