Justin Lee On November 9, 2007 at 9:31 am

HudsonSoft sends word that there is a free update available for Bomberman Live. It has a few bug fixes and speeds up loading.

A free title update is now available for Bomberman Live. The update addresses issues some players have experienced and tweaks other aspects. Here are just some of the many improvements players can expect to see:

Costumes come correct: If users have Bomb-Up Pack 2, but not Bomb-Up Pack 1, costume changes now save correctly.

No more power-up lag: Previously, due to network lag, some power-ups that had already been picked up by one user remained on the ground on another user’s screen. This is no longer the case.

Less waiting between matches: The in-between match timer has been reduced to 20 seconds and is now visible to users.

Brag for a minute: Online end of match screens now show gamerpics instead of Bomberman heads. There’s also a timer of 60 seconds for the winner to brag.

Over six figures of bombing: Leaderboards now show numbers beyond 100,000.

Know what you’re getting yourself into: Users can now preview match settings from the game lobby.

1 bomb + 1 bomb = dangerous bomb: Kicking two bombs together now makes dangerous bombs more often.

Plunder some more: Scavenger can now be turned on for the “Plunder Isle” level.

Bomberman Live delivers frantic 8-player online play. Fans can also play with their friends in 4-player local action on one system. In addition, Bomberman Live features new character customizations, which allow players to personalize their Bomberman from more than 10,000 possible combinations.

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