Justin Lee On December 19, 2007 at 10:12 am

Hudson Entertainment sends word that they are releasing Bomb-Up Pack 3 for Bomberman LIVE for the Xbox LIVE Arcade on December 26th. The add-on will have ten new characters, two additional levels, two new leaderboards and a new game mode called Friendly Fire.

Hudson Entertainment, the North American publishing arm for Hudson Soft, today announced that they are releasing Bomb-Up Pack 3, the third add-on pack for their "IGN Editor’s Choice Award"-winning Bomberman LIVE game for Xbox LIVE Arcade for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. This new add-on pack will add more than a dozen new features, including ten new characters, two additional levels, two new leaderboards, and a brand new game mode. Bomb-Up Pack 3 is expected to launch on December 26 and will cost 250 Microsoft Points.

With these latest additions, players will be able to further enjoy the non-stop, explosive action of Bomberman LIVE in new arenas, including "Cavity Land," a delicious candy land, and the fully-automated assembly lines of "Robot Factory."

"We’ve enjoyed great success with Bomberman LIVE and all of its additional downloadable content," said John Greiner, President and CEO of Hudson Entertainment. "We strive to give gamers what they want, including tournaments, and providing content via Xbox LIVE is a great way to do so."

This Bomberman LIVE add-on pack will add the following features:

. Ten New Characters – With new characters like "Shinobi Bomb" the ninja and "Bomb2-D2" the robot, players can customize their in-game Bomberman in even more new ways.

. Two Additional Levels – New arenas include "Cavity Land," a sugary sweet candy land, and the industrial "Robot Factory." Both levels allow users to select any gimmick to use.

. One New Game Mode – In "Friendly Fire," there’s no place to hide as you race to get the most frags. Players start with the "power bomb" power-up and hard blocks are replaced by holes, leaving nothing to stop explosions, except Bombermen!

. Two New Leaderboards – Gaze down upon the Bomberman masses from atop two new ranking systems on the Xbox LIVE network. The new leaderboards will track performance on both a weekly and an all-time basis for the new "Friendly Fire" game mode.

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