Justin Lee On February 1, 2008 at 10:23 am

SEGA has sent over some new SEGA Superstars Tennis mini-game screenshots for you to check out.

Get set for more crazy tennis action with SEGA Superstars Tennis mini-games!

Not only is SEGA Superstars Tennis a totally new and unique way of playing video game tennis, Sumo Digital has given each of the mini-games found in SEGA Superstars Tennis their own unique SEGA-inspired spin!

– Just like the original Sonic video game, to complete the Sonic The Hedgehog mini-game you need to collect the gold rings but still avoid those spikes…

– Keep the zombies at bay in Curien Mansion by hitting them with tennis balls while protecting the medical staff as they cross the court!

– Practice those precision shots in the Bus Terminal of Jet Set Radio by collecting the cans of spray paint and then hitting them over the net to fill in the graffiti tags!

– Super Monkey Ball has you clearing the court of the monkey balls through magic gates, while Chu Chu Rocket has you racing round the court serving up shots to ensure the Chu’s get away safely in their rocket…

Taken from some of SEGA’s classic videogame worlds, more mini-games with SEGA-inspired themes from Puyo Pop, Virtua Squad, and Space Harrier can be enjoyed in single player option or with up to four people in multiplayer!

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