Malcolm Owen On July 20, 2008 at 4:40 pm

Even more dancing fun. If you like dancing, that is. Yeah.

Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
Developer: Bemani
Release Date: Fall 2008
Platform(s): Xbox 360™
Genre: Music/Dance
Rating: E10+ (Anticipated)
Multiplayer: 1 – 4 Players + Online play

Brief Game Description:
DanceDanceRevolution® celebrates its 10th anniversary! DanceDanceRevolution® UNIVERSE3 dances its way to you with an all new sleek enhanced interface, fun new modes and settings for players of all skill levels, cool smash-hit songs, robust online and offline support and exciting new exclusives!

Key Features:
• Over 70 songs with truly universal appeal with music from 70s to today!
• Everyone can play, accessible for all skill levels
• DJ Mode makes its debut on the Xbox 360 – create your own mixes to dance to!
• Brand new Quest Mode lets you compete against bosses throughout the Dance Dance City to become the ultimate champion
• Customize your own character with over 400 options of clothing, faces, skin tones and hair styles
• Do more on Xbox Live, play online and download new music seamlessly
• Compete internationally with a different song list every week

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