Malcolm Owen On July 20, 2008 at 4:39 pm

X as in 10 years, not the Kylie Minogue album…

Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.
Developer: Bemani
Release Date: Fall 2008
Platform(s): PlayStation®2
Genre: Music/Dance
Rating: E 10+ (Anticipated)
Brief Game Description:
Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the hottest revolution and bestselling dance video game! Brand new to the PlayStation®2, DanceDanceRevolution® X explodes onto the dance floor with enhanced graphics, fun interactive gameplay, an incredible song selection and innovative new game modes.

Key Features:
• Awesome new soundtrack packed with over 70 songs!
o New mixes provide "continuous DJ mixes" of multiple songs. The ultimate club experience!
• Brand new LAN Battle Mode will let up to 8 players battle simultaneously through the LAN lines on their PS2
• Experience the unique story lines of over 10 DanceDanceRevolution X characters in Street Master Mode
• Create your own workout and fitness program through an enhanced Workout Mode
• New DDR characters and enhanced graphics
• Utilize the EyeToy to implement yourself into the game

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