Justin Lee On October 31, 2008 at 8:22 am

Buzz! has been enjoying a great time on the Playstation 2 console, with the cool buzzers and fast paced 4 player fun for quite a while now.  We are now graced with the Playstation 3 version of the game called Buzz! Quiz TV with four wireless buzzers and some cool online features.

If you have not played Buzz! before, the premise is simple:  It’s a fast paced quiz game with 4 included plastic buzzers.  There are various categories topics that you can choose from, 80’s music, Recent Music, Blockbuster Movies, Food and Drink and much more.  You can mix up all the topics randomly or just pick one specific topic for the game.  Users created quizzes are free to download via your internet connection and extend the life of the game dramatically.  The game isn’t just a regular quiz game where you must buzz in first to answer the question:  There are sections in the quiz such as Short Fuse; where you have a bomb in your hand and if you answer the question correctly, you pass off the bomb to the next player and so forth till it blows up and you lose points.  There are also some photo and video clip identification quizzes and of course the final countdown at the end where the amount of points determines how much time you have to answer the final questions to become the quiz master.

The characters you can choose from are quite varied: A super hero, Japanese school girl, a geek, a movie star and even Napoleon is included.  There could have been a few more characters to choose from since they really don’t speak much in the game other than a few moans and cheers.

Another addition to the game is online Couch mode where you can play another “couch” via the internet to see if you can beat someone else, the only downside to this game is that it is one player only.  So if you have 3 friends over, stick to the offline mode of Buzz! Quiz TV.

Sony has begun to release some quiz packs that you can purchase through the PlayStation store that include some themed ones based on the season such as Halloween.  If you are up to it, you can create your own quiz and share it to your friends or everyone on the planet.  People can grade your quiz from 1 star to 5 stars; although there is no audio recording option for the questions to be read to you of course since the download would be way to large.

The four new Playstation 3 wireless buzzers are pretty solid and require two AA batteries to power them, so far we’ve played a few hours with them and haven’t required any battery changes yet even with the big red flashing red button on it.  The sad part is there is a USB dongle for the Buzzers so you’ll need to leave that plugged in your Playstation 3 for fear of losing it forever and your buzzers will stop working forever.

If you are looking for a quiz party game for your Playstation 3, Buzz! Quiz TV is sure to hit the mark.  It is simple to play and there are so many varied topics that will please any quiz fan!


Fast and furious quiz action with all brand new questions and downloadable content.


Not much to look at, a few jaggies here and there but it gets the job done.


Your funny host Buzz! is quite a barrel of laughs, the in game quizzes are read aloud out to you in the game in.


A very fun quiz game over all with nifty plastic Buzzers make the game easy and accessible to anyone who wants to prove they are the ultimate Quiz Master!

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