Jeff Markiewicz On January 26, 2009 at 7:13 am

Downloadable content has been coming out all the time but usually it was always something small. Typically it’d only be a couple multiplayer maps and cars but now that’s changing. Year 2009 already has substantial downloadable content in the works and surprisingly, a lot of them for single player titles. Many people have fallen in love with Fable 2 this fall but is the ship to Knothole Island worth the toll?

A man in a yellow submarine has come to Bowerstone in search for a hero to help break the winter spell on Knothole Island. From here you travel to the mysterious island and uncover the secrets of several shrines located around the island as well as uncover its history, if you care to read a couple books. This adventure has nothing to do with the main quest and can be taken up at anytime. And once again, the story is not the games strong suit. You’ll most likely chew through the content in about 3 hours but your visit back to Albion will be a pleasant one. End gamers will unfortunately once again find no challenge but then again, Fable 2 was never hard in the first place.

The island has its own little town complete with several shops filled with plenty of new goodies to devour. The best is the mystery shop which has some hilarious items, none of which I will spoil. And instead of purchasing them, you make a specific trade so you’ll have to look around the world to pick up the required items, but let me tell you, it’s more than worth the effort. For those who have grown grotesquely tall or morbidly obese, you’ll now have potions that will help you with your issues. For those who dislike this setting without armor, your prayers have been answered but they are just for looks, no special stat boosters. And for those who picked a certain ending, there is a chance to correct your good deeds, but not without another moral dilemma. 

There are three new achievements to get worth 100 points. The main one is tied to completing the main quest of the island but the other two are interesting. The first is collecting all the books on the island that details its history. This is equivalent to collecting the silver keys in the main world, and also gives off the same graphical effect. The last is making all the trades in the mystery shop. Speaking of graphics, the island actually improves on Fable’s looks a bit. As you progress, the island will change and you’ll see some great weather effects.

If you loved Fable 2, this is another ticket to Albion’s rich world. Even with only 3 hours of content, there is always something to do in the world. I still had plenty of unfinished side quests and this is just the boost needed to dive back in. Another neat thing is there is a premium and free version. For the premium version, you’ve earned your pass to Knothole Island, go and enjoy. For those who pick up the free version, they can coop the entire experience as a mercenary alongside a fellow hero who has purchased it. But overall the island is really straightforward and linear. It will be the same experience for good and evil players except for the final choice. It feels more like a midgame quest than an end level one. There are parts where you’re swarmed with enemies but you’re just so powerful it doesn’t matter. If you’re playing through the game right now, this is probably a pretty good purchase but for those who have finished and are all powerful, this visit may not be up to expectations except.


Fun quests, but a little short over all.


The graphics are taken up a notch with how the island changes over time and the weather effects.


Audio is pretty good, same good voice overs as the original game.


The foundation of what we love is still here but it’s a little too linear. The moral dilemmas and choice that was the forefront of what made Fable 2 good is a tad lacking. The new items are awesome from the potions to the mystery shop items. For diehard fans, they might be worth the price of admission alone. Fixing a certain end game choice is handled well and well worth the sacrifice. Worth it for diehard fans and people midgame but if you’re not sure, you might want to pass.

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