Malcolm Owen On May 17, 2010 at 8:13 am

After a few years of dealing with an old content management system that was dying around our posting, we decided about a month ago to bite the bullet and change a few things. You’re looking at the new, and I hope you’re grateful…

We (a small team of pizza-fueled elves and myself) have spent the month transferring all of the articles from the old system to WordPress (something that actually works, which makes for a change), and bringing the design kicking and screaming from the late nineties to something a bit more modern. I admit that there’s still some rough edges to the thing, but they will be cleaned up over time.

Something that about 3 people used on the old system that we believe will be used even more will be comments. Before, you had to register and then battle an archaic posting form, only for it to somehow die halfway through or to post it twice. Now thanks to the power of WordPress, we don’t have that problem. When we decide to let comments be posted, you’ll find very little trouble when you feel the need to say how wrong we are.

Search now takes seconds to find stuff, unlike before where the results could be measured in minutes.
Sadly, the image galleries can’t be with us for the moment. They are being ported over, and we hope for them to be done before E3 begins, otherwise things will be getting tricky.

We also have a Twitter. You can see what we twote over at @gametactics, which we will be keeping a close eye on.

I suppose all that remains to be said is:

Welcome to Gametactics. Enjoy your stay…

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2 Responses

  1. Darkstar says:

    Hey, really liking the new Gametactics website!

    Lovely colour scheme, and it’s a lot more modern looking! Great job guys.

  2. Justin Lee says:

    Thanks Darkstar, the team has been working really hard on it. Should be much easier to find things via tags and a speedier site as well.