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Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes (XBox Live Arcade)Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes Fact Sheet
Short Version: 40 years before Heroes V the world was under threat (again), cue you venturing throughout Ashan to save everyone…

Set in the Might & Magic universe, Clash of Heroes, 2009 award winner and critics acclaimed is now coming on PlayStation Network & Xbox Live Arcade incorporating role-playing elements, adventure and an innovative dynamic combat system based on puzzle mechanics.

Might & Magic Clash of Heroes takes place 40 years before the Heroes V saga. Scattered across five different regions of Ashan, 5 special heroes must travel their own dangerous paths to grow in strength, unravel a demonic plot, and ultimately save the world from Chaos.

Key Features

  • Master unique and dynamic combat mechanics:
    • Art of Tactics: Create offensive or defensive unit formations, learn advanced combos and make the best of your spells and artifacts to build up the right strategy and overcome your enemies.
    • Various challenges: Defeat the enemy heroes by crossing their armies in standard battles. Launch into special challenges and Boss fights where your strategic skills will be put to a severe test. Solve puzzle battles by finding the right combination and wipe-out the enemy in a limited number of turns.
    • Unit management: Earn & hire units with different attributes and abilities to create your ultimate army combination.
    • Heroes rising: Become more powerful after each battle by earning XP points and level-up you hero and its units.
    • HD art, music & sounds: Enjoy the rich Might & Magic universe.
  • Experience an epic adventure:
    • Vibrantly detailed settings: Explore highly detailed maps full of knights, elves, wizards, necromancers and demons and interact with a unique manga style inspired environment.
    • Prequel to Heroes of Might and Magic®: Play the childhood of Heroes of Might and Magic’ 5 main heroes: Anwen, Godric, Fiona, Aidan and Nadia.
    • Traverse the fantasy world of Ashan: Recruit & level-up units, and discover hidden artefacts to build up the most powerful army.

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Capybara
Category: Puzzle RPG
Rating: PEGI 10+, E7+ (TBC)

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