Justin Lee On November 28, 2014 at 3:47 pm

Usually this time of year during Thanksgiving, the video game news is slow since everyone is off! We present in its place…insane Black Friday 2014 videos from around the world:

Fight over TV in the UK:

Same TV: These people do know that Polaroid went bankrupt and it’s just some low quality TV with the name on it right?

Tesco TV

Walmart in Houston Texas fighting over Tablets and again Tv’s

I think half of those memory cards are bent and broke during the brawl (Action Starts at 1:10)

You know, in Canada most stores hand out tickets to the first “x” amount people in line. There are 10 TV’s? The store hands out 10 tickets. 50 memory cards, the story hand out 50 tickets. This is why you can’t find many brawl videos 🙂

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