Justin Lee On July 8, 2015 at 1:10 pm

Sakura Fantasy Fantasy LogoWhile Winged Cloud has been content to just rake in money for creating visual novels that are light on the novel and heavier on the fan service, they seem to have put a bit more thought into Sakura Fantasy. Aimed to be a part of a three part trilogy, the game looks like a tease of something that might actually be interesting, but while still just being above mediocrity on it’s own.

The story is about a female soldier named Raelin who is training to be a knight in the service of the Empire she has sworn allegiance to. You also learn that the people of this world can be born with unique abilities. Raelin’s is the ability to have her mind leave her physical body and do recon. Although she typically uses it to be a voyeur, often times intruding on another girl’s bath time or things like that. This is where most of the fanservice comes from. But after several days of training, she is requested to join an expedition to investigate the crash site of a meteorite that crashed on the planet. Saying anymore would ruin the rest of the story, as like the last two titles, it’s very short.

Like the other entries Winged Cloud has worked on, there’s plenty of fan service this time around. The quality of the artwork is pretty much unchanged as well. But there are a few good things going for the game this time. One would be the fact that there are PoC (Persons of Color) included in the cast, and that the game stars a female protagonist. Unlike the last two titles that only played with the idea of romance, this game has actual relationship building stuff going on. Specifically, female to female relationships. Of course this is a game on Steam, so it doesn’t get more erotic than underwear level nakedness and kissing. The story is like a big tease though, as once again it starts to get interesting, and then it’s over. I certainly hope that the writer can deliver in the next two installments, as it does feel like the game has a bit more thought into it.


The game still is a kinetic visual novel with choices only determining which images you get to see. This time with a female protagonist.


Artwork sees a bit of variety with more PoC, but the quality of the artwork is pretty much the same.


The music is decent and fit the scenes a lot more.


Despite infusing even more fanservice content, the writer seems serious about delivering a genuine story that might get told in the next installments.

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