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Call of Duty is a franchise that has been around for over a decade. The first three Call of Duty games from Infinity Ward did a good job of delivering a dramatic war experience but was largely locked to computers. When Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare came out in 2007, it turned a niche […]

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I’ll be the first to admit, I know nothing about MotoGP. I’ve seen the sport sporadically over the years, I was always fascinated over how they could turn and lean so low near the ground and never completely fall. After doing a little reading I found out that MotoGP is a very popular, worldwide, sport. […]

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Nintendo’s campaign of heavy hitters continues for the Wii U this year. First we had Mario Kart 8, and just a couple weeks ago Bayonetta 2 touched down to rave reviews. Now comes the long awaited return of Smash Bros. to the home console. While there are many more 3DSes out there already playing the […]

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Level-5 must be the eternal foot draggers of the video game industry when it comes to the issue of localization of its titles. Fantasy Life was originally releasing in Japan in 2012, the game finally made it to the West. And the wait was worth it, although the extra wait time hasn’t seen any improvement […]

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When everyone thinks of making a videogame based upon the Alien franchise, most dream of one based upon the Colonial Marines from Aliens. A lot of classic videogames take more than a slight inspiration from that second movie. Unfortunately, the recent game based upon that concept proved disastrous. Developer of Alien: Isolation, The Creative Assembly, […]

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Originally released back in 2004, planetarian is a Visual Novel that up until now; was a mystery as to whether its fate of ever coming the West in English official was doomed to obscurity, or that it would be discovered and enjoyed by a new audience. Thankfully those questions have been answered, and readers can […]

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I haven’t played much of it before, but it quickly became clear that Skylanders is a series that is very good at what it does, the question is whether you really want what it does, and the answer may depend on your audience and how much disposable income you have. As a sequel, Trap Team […]

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The developers over at LOOT Entertainment must have known they had a winning name when they came up with Fluster Cluck. The name embodies everything trying to be accomplished by the game; a silly experience that tries to create hectic multiplayer mayhem centered around chickens. Fluster Cluck isn’t overloaded with content since there are only […]

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Oh dear, here we go again. Yet another licensed property game title. And predictably, it’s awful, but just how awful it is could almost be considered a good point. Tenkai Knights: Brave Battle is more of a weak battle if you ask me. The game’s basic plot pretty much mirrors the events of TV series, […]

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Twin Stick shooters are pretty common these days, but not many can claim to use a setup that truly makes you feel like you are accomplishing something with every failure. Such is the case with Iron Fisticle. Iron Fisticle is a twin stick shooter for PC that has an old school arcade feel. In fact, […]