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GRID Autosport is a fresh new game in the GRID racing series from publisher and developer Codemasters. Codemasters has had a lot of experience with making high quality racing titles, most notably the Colin McRae series. Most may know that series under the current name, DiRT. This series currently has been hitting on all cylinders […]

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A new generation of racing begins today, and it begins on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system! Electronic Arts Inc. today announced that the highly anticipated, high-octane racing game Need for Speed Rivals is now available on PlayStation 4 in North America and will be the only racing game launching with the new PS4 system […]

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One would think that with a property like Hot Wheels, there would have been at least a higher level of interest in the amount of quality you would want to invest in games made of the franchise. Sadly, this is another game that does not get that treatment; instead it’s yet another game trying to […]

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Racing games are a guilty pleasure of mine. You can enjoy a drive in the country, or in the city, without wasting real world time and gas. But finding a good racing game is hard for me. I’m not into the ultra realistic simulation of a game like Forza, but sometimes the ultra arcade feel […]

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It’s a familiar conundrum for any car lover looking make their purchase, do I get the model that’s already been well received now, or do I wait for the new hotness? EA and Criterion are hoping that Wii U owners have put the decision off long enough to be enticed by this new special edition […]

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Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios today announced the upcoming release of the March Meguiar’s Car Pack for “Forza Horizon.” The downloadable content pack introduces six cars to Forza Horizon, including three cars that are 2012 models or newer. From the wide body ferocity of the 1998 Nissan R390 to the scene-stealing appeal of the 2013 […]

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Criterion returns with their latest attempt at a Need for Speed title with Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Their 2010 entry into the series, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was well accepted and garnered several awards, before EA’s Black Box studio took the reigns with 2011’s Need for Speed: The Run, which didn’t do nearly […]

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With the release of Forza Horizon today, Microsoft has released the last in the series of ViDoc’s. This last ViDoc #4 talks about the Car Culture in Forza Horizon for the Xbox 360. Share this video on your blog with an website or even a forum by clicking the embed icon in the video window […]

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Ridge Racer Unbounded is more of an offshot of the franchise’s roots rather than a true sequel. Looking to shake things up instead of putting out yet another straightforward pure arcade racer, Namco Bandai brought in the crew most known for the FlatOut series of racers, Bugbear Entertainment. The result is a flashy title full […]

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Today, Ubisoft announced the release of a new video “Powered by Players”, that highlights some of the stunning creations that the TrackMania2 Canyon community has made in the first three months since the games release. TrackMania2 Canyon, which released on September 14, 2011, builds upon the successes of the prequel with updated graphics, realistic racing […]