Malcolm Owen On February 9, 2006 at 5:20 pm

Prize Fight ( has announced the addition of Battlefield 2 to it’s available games that you can play and wager your own money on.

The concept has been well received by the gaming community and the company has already established a reputation for providing fun, fair and exciting games possessing a level of tension not found on public servers, due to the money riding on each game.
The magnificent Battlefield 2 will feature in their schedule from February 12th and Prize Fight are offering gamers an incentive to come onboard. The first 500 people who verify their Battlefield 2 game on Prize Fight’s website will receive £5 in their Prize Fight accounts to spend on playing.
Each game has an entrance fee varying between £1 and £5 on average – with a prize fund based upon attendance. Games take place between 7pm & 10pm every evening, although Prize Fight ultimately intend to offer a 24/7 gaming schedule, providing members with the opportunity to play games for cash prizes whenever they want and from the comfort of their own home.
Prize Fight have also developed brand new win-rules which encourage team-play, specifically with Battlefield 2 in mind. These will reward members of the winning team, rather than simply the top players across both teams.
Games are well-balanced due to a dynamic seeding method which is used to match players into teams and games based upon past performance, thus providing everyone with a realistic chance to win.
Prize Fight already offer Counter-Strike: Source and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch games and plan to rapidly add a wide range of popular, big-budget games across a variety of genres including Real Time Strategy, driving and sports titles.

I use it. Occasionally. Not too much, because I know the Bank Manager would have a fit…

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