Eric Kelly On July 14, 2016 at 9:52 am

The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival Edition LogoWhen the Witch and the Hundred Knight originally released on the PS3, it was an okay action RPG, but it had a few issues holding it back. Now in 2016, the game has received a PS4 port, although the game is still largely the same. And that’s a bit of a missed opportunity, as it could have been better.

The plot is about a witch named Metallia who has summoned a creature known as the Hundred Knight. Even though they start as a little runt of a servant, they hold great power. With it’s help, she plans to expand her swamp to expand her power and lifeline, as she needs the swamp to live. Only doing so threatens the rest of the world. So Metallia will face some opposition. She’s completely insane and doesn’t care though. While the story about her could have been an interesting take on playing as the pawn of a master is is irredeemably awful, there are some parts that might be too much for some people. Namely how in the beginning she makes a rape joke about her own mother, only after she’s been beaten up the Hundred Knight and then turned into a mouse, and having three male mice chase her. Yeah.

The gameplay also somewhat is a mixed bag. You can do light and weak attacks, and each weapon you equip can be used in a combo. Some weapons are more effective on other enemies than others, so setting up before hand is something to be mindful of. There’s also a super mode that ties into one of the game’s unwanted mechanics. This mechanic is the Gigacals system. This system is effectively a timer that limits how long you can stay in a level, and it can be reduced to varying degrees based on actions taken or damage received. It also doesn’t help that picked up equipment or experience can’t be redeemed or equipped until you go back to the swamp base. Some bosses are also heavily unbalanced, and require either leveling or the strategic use of tokla summons, which will take a long time. None of that has been fixed in Revival.

What has been added to the game is the new area of the game that’s a 100 level tower where you can earn new weapons and items to power them up further, although you need to sacrifice a weapon to gain entry. During these levels, you also can summon Metallia as a playable character, but only temporary. It’s as if the developers though these features could make up for the fact that the game’s other issues aren’t addressed. The only real improvements are the frame rate and how the game looks cleaner this time, which makes it easier to see and play. Otherwise The Witch and the Hundred Knight is an okay action RPG that has a somewhat interesting story, provided you can stomach Metallia’s vile behavior.


The bulk of the original PS3’s action-RPG is intact, but there’s a new way to power up your weapons


The game looks crisp and clear, so finding your way around a level won’t strain your eyes. Game also now runs at 60 frames


The game uses music that sounds like it’s from the TV show, although it’s mostly subdued. Voice acting is Japanese only.


The visual upgrade and 60 FPS framerate help the game a bit, but the developer spent more time working on a new area rather than tweak the gameplay for the better.

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